The Rock’s name is always making headlines, whether he’s putting out a new project, or he’s getting called out by WWE Superstar. Anything he touches gets attention, even if it loses money. It seems that Ballers, even though it ended in 2019, is still doing just fine, especially on Netflix.

During the period of August 7th to August 13, Ballers raked up a total of 1.7 million minutes of viewing time while exclusively available on Just Max (formerly HBOMax). That was a respectable number, but the show recently saw a boom in popularity.

According to TV Grim Reaper, this number skyrocketed to 696 million minutes viewed between August 14 and August 20th. This happened when the series became accessible on Netflix.

The Netflix effect, from my friendly source:


#Ballers did 1.7 million viewing minutes from 8/7-8/13 when it was only on Max.

From 8/14-8/20, when it was on both Netflix & Max, it jumped to 696 million minutes total.

This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “Netflix Bump,” and it’s easy to see why. This happens when a series that is already over experiences a surge in viewership when the streaming service acquires them. After all, people like binge-watching things till the end.

This does not mean that Ballers is coming back, but The Rock might entertain the idea. He certainly seemed to enjoy that project, but he also has a ton of other things in the pipeline.

As Ringside News exclusively reported, The Rock’s name is not part of any current creative talks in WWE. Ringside News also exclusively reported that the SAG-AFTRA strike might have opened the door for John Cena to make a return for a few paychecks, but The Rock was advised against doing so.

What’s your take on Ballers getting a new fanbase? Did you dig that show? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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