Kevin Nash is known for his interesting personality, and at this stage in his career, he has the luxury to not care if he doesn’t want to. This created a unique situation when Big Kev was recently promoting Magic Mike 2.

Kevin Nash has been in a few movies over the years. In addition to the Magic Mike series, he had notable credits including his role as Super Shredder in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze” movie, along with appearances in films like “The Longest Yard” and various television series, demonstrating his diverse entertainment career.

Apparently, Kevin Nash also pays attention to who is getting on magazine covers. He recently revealed on the Kliq This podcast that he actually showed up sauced for an interview because Entertainment Weekly decided to nix him from the cover art.

“I remember when we were doing a press junket for Magic Mike 2. It’s Joe, Adam, and myself and this lady comes in and it’s foreign press. She says, ‘so how was it joining the group for the second film?’ I was like, I was in the first one, I had that dancing scene dedicated to Claude Rains, the Invisible Man. She said, ‘I saw it I’m not sure I saw you.'”


“They’re looking at me like, ‘this is the foreign press, you can’t f*ck with these people.’ I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I can, I’ve been drinking all day, I’m f*cking smashed.'”

“Jon Moxley’s wife, Renee Paquette, came in, and I was bombed. Entertainment Weekly, we were supposed to be on the cover, and they took me and Adam off of it, and I said, ‘you know what man, if I’m not good enough to be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as one of the five dancers, then f*ck it.'”

Kevin Nash has wrestled all over the world, so the idea of doing global press tours doesn’t excite him very much.

Kevin Nash also called out A&E for putting him in warehouse without air conditioning and making him cry. Also, on a related note, Nash claims that he can drink lot and not even fail a breathalyzer.

We’ll have to see what Kevin Nash says next, but he’s certainly going to keep living his best life, no matter what it takes.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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