Ryback is not shy about sharing his opinion on people, and he might have some dieting tips for Paul Heyman. Now, it appears that he is not going to hold back about what he thinks about the Wise Man’s appearance, either.

Paul Heyman has never been skinny, but he certainly has a look unique to himself in the pro wrestling world. That being said, he’s also never been a WWE Superstar where his physique really mattered, but Ryback still believes that he could still take care of himself more.

During a recent live show, Ryback started cutting it up with one caller as he did his Paul Heyman impression. You can tell that Ryback had a lot of time to perfect his Heyman voice. He also used that voice to say some unflattering things.

While doing his Paul Heyman impression, Ryback said that Brock Lesnar feeds him entire pizzas. Ryback also said he’s “disgusted” by Heyman’s appearance and just imagines him sitting in his hotel all day eating food until it’s time to go to television.


Ryback then said that “I know him well, you don’t f*cking get like that by doing f*cking exercise and cardio, you get like that by being a piece of sh*t.”

Ryback then said, “I would love to be a f*cking piece of sh*t and do nothing all day and show up and then f*cking ‘MY CLIENT BRROCK LESNAR!’ Yeah, I was around the f*cking guy and I had to listen to him.”

It seems that Ryback might not have the best opinion about Paul Heyman. That being said, he also gave him credit for his longevity in the pro wrestling business. Ryback still might have some life advice for Heyman.

What’s your take on Ryback’s little rant about Paul Heyman? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re doing!

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