WWE is going through a hot streak right now, and they are breaking records all over the place. With a merger with the UFC going down in a matter of months, it seems that Vince McMahon’s company is cashing in big time, and this might even rival the Attitude Era at this point.

With WWE breaking all sorts of financial records, some have suggested that the company has ushered in a new boom period in pro wrestling for the first time since other affluent eras of the 1980s and late 1990s. Former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz believes there is some truth to that assessment, pointing to three specific factors contributing to WWE’s success, which he says are “way better than anything in the Attitude Era.” 

Brian Gewirtz recently spoke with The Masked Man Show, where he prefaced his comments by clarifying that the three factors were not necessarily related to the on-screen product put out by WWE.

“[The first] one, obviously, the money it’s bringing in [through] rights deals to television shows — it benefitted from the fact that even though viewing is just so much more segmented now, … WWE, like most live sports, is a show that you need to watch live … And not just in terms of television and rights fees, but the live events, [the] two nights of WrestleMania, [and] everything that they wanted … when I was there, is now a reality.”


Brian Gewirtz highlighted how WWE gained a newfound level of “respectability” among advertisers, Hollywood, and various industry sectors when it transitioned from a TV-14 to a TV-PG format. He emphasized that WWE programming had suddenly become suitable “for parents to enjoy with their children,” a stark contrast to the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras when it wasn’t family-friendly.

Additionally, Brian Gewirtz commended WWE for its wholehearted support of the women’s revolution, identifying it as the third key factor behind the company’s recent success. Gewirtz noted that the treatment and presentation of WWE’s women’s division today are incomparable to how it was during the Attitude Era.

WWE is entertaining fans all over the world, and they are not done yet. There is no off-season for professional wrestling, and that gives fans even more opportunities to be entertained as the company continues.

A lot of things could be thanked for the fact that WWE is having such a great time right now. Their three-year Bloodline saga is still in its third inning, and they also have plenty of future top Superstars champing at the bit, ready to grab the brass ring as well.

Only time will tell how this time in WWE will be remembered. That being said, at least Brian Gewirtz seems to have a really great opinion of things.

Felix Upton

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