The recent departure of Drew Gulak from WWE has brought to light concerning allegations from some WWE NXT talents, who have labeled him as a “bully” known for targeting real injuries during matches.

Initially reported as part of several NXT talent releases by WWE, Triple H clarified that Gulak’s departure is not a ‘release,’ but rather his contract is not being renewed, leading to his exit from the company.

Gulak’s departure follows accusations made against him by Ronda Rousey, and now, additional reports have surfaced regarding negative interactions with him. In a new report from Fightful Select, multiple NXT talents expressed to Corey Brennan that Gulak had exhibited bullying behavior and had specifically targeted their pre-existing injuries during matches.

According to the report, talent claimed that Gulak would often focus on injuries during matches, with one instance cited where he allegedly purposefully re-dislocated a previously dislocated finger of an opponent. Another claim suggested that Gulak would intimidate talent into not reporting such incidents.


The report also highlighted an incident from last year, where Shawn Michaels, along with other coaches at NXT, reportedly “verbally reprimanded” Gulak for “intentionally spiking an opponent during a match.”

Describing Gulak’s behavior, one talent referred to him as “odd” and stated that he would “test” talent to gauge their response to his bullying tactics.

It’s important to note that Gulak reportedly expressed a desire to remain with the company, and his departure was ultimately a decision made by WWE, not by Gulak himself.

PWInsider corroborated this information, affirming that Gulak’s departure was not initiated by him.

What are your thoughts on the recent allegations against Drew Gulak in WWE NXT? Do you believe there should be more accountability and measures in place to ensure a safe working environment for talent? Share your opinions and insights in the comments below. Your perspective could contribute to a broader conversation about professional wrestling and workplace culture

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