CM Punk has some issues backstage in AEW, and Ryan Nemeth is apparently not welcome backstage at Collision anymore. That caused a huge issue as some fans were just getting used to Punk being back without drama attached this time.

According to the story in circulation, Ryan Nemeth took the confrontation to the hallway, where Punk persisted in scolding him, as per our sources. Nemeth stood by his assertion that Punk was ‘soft’ based on Punk’s initial remarks about the Bucks. Punk argued that the timing was poor and clashed with the desired public image of unity. In response, Nemeth questioned whether he should react to Punk’s on-air comments, to which Punk suggested it would be wise. They eventually shook hands, but tension still lingered as they went their separate ways.

Ryan Nemeth then confided in backstage friends about the incident, seeking advice on how to handle the situation. With minimal leverage compared to the larger star of CM Punk, Nemeth chose to step back and keep a low profile, mindful that his job could be jeopardized if Punk voiced his concerns behind the scenes. He even went on to deactivate his Twitter account.

CM Punk reportedly approached Nemeth while he was against a wall in the locker room, brought up the tweet, and posed the question, “Do we have an issue, are we alright, or do we need to settle this outside?”


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter then reported that they were told that CM Punk was “ranting like a mad man,” although they also received word that understood Punk’s position a bit.

The version was, this was aggressive. One person called it ranting like a mad man and another, defending Punk, told us at the time that Punk was handling business like a man and that all was taken care of and things were settled. While it was clear from many that tensions persisted, it wasn’t covered as a big thing partially because it was kept quiet and that any attention, no matter how the incident started, was going to end up negative for Nemeth.

We will have to see if CM Punk and Ryan Nemeth every settle things. If anything, Dolph Ziggler’s name was dragged into an AEW story in very unexpected way.

CM Punk will keep doing his thing in AEW, and it appears that the drama is not going to lighten up either. For more on this story, and many more, keep it tuned with us here at Ringside News.

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