Saraya’s WWE career will forever be remembered as one of the most significant for women’s wrestling in the past ten years. Saraya made her way to AEW following her WWE departure, but it didn’t get off to the best of starts in the company. That said, it appears Ice Cube’s son called out AEW for forcing Saraya to criticize WWE in a promo.

Saraya made her All Elite Wrestling debut during ‘Dynamite: Grand Slam last year. The week after that, she cut a promo where she declared AEW as her home. However, Saraya caused some controversy online after she said, ”It’s so good to have a boss to actually finally listen to me.”

This move was met with a lot of criticism and even Saraya herself she didn’t want to criticize WWE at the time. A fan took to Twitter and urged others to enjoy AEW and WWE.

Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. stated that he felt the same until AEW took shots at WWE. He called out AEW for firing Saraya to criticize WWE when she didn’t want to, among other things.


Lol I was totally down for it until the disses started to happen. Ironically Cody was the first one to diss. And then shots from other wrestlers. And then finally when I found out they made Paige diss WWE when she didn’t want to. Or they tried to get her to do it or whatever I was like naaaah. And also. I can admit when wwe does something wrong. But some of the fans I run into on here for AEW just swear it’s all “real wrestling” and that “Booker of the year” crap. And Melter in their pocket. I’m just like f*** it

We will have to see if Saraya will challenge for the AEW Women’s Championship at All In on August 27th, as she certainly has a lot of momentum behind her right now.

What’s your opinion on this story? Do you feel AEW disses WWE too much? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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