Seth Rollins is certainly one of the top stars in WWE right now, who has gone through numerous changes in the past few years. His accolades speak for themselves and this includes the fact that fans love singing his song. It appears Seth Rollins compared the reaction his entrance theme gets to that of The Shield.

Fans simply love to sing along to his entrance song, which sometimes takes over the entire show for a while. This was very evident during WWE’s trip to Paris, France. Fans even hijacked a promo segment between Rollins and Finn Balor by singing Rollins’ entrance theme.

The Visionary acts as a conductor every time fans start singing his entrance theme and even takes in the moment after he enters the ring following his entrance. For Rollins, the fan experience is everything.

While speaking to GQ for new interview, Seth Rollins talked about the reactions his entrance theme gets from fans. Rollins compared the reaction his entrance theme gets to that of The Shield.


”Oh, hands down. I mean, look, you want to go back a dozen years, it probably rivals the energy of [Rollins’ iconic WWE faction] The Shield’s entrance. There’s something special about coming in right through the people—that really riles you up, because you’re just in there with it. But for me as a solo performer, the energy and the relationship I have with the audience at the moment is on another level. It’s 13 years into my WWE career now. It’s something I could have never expected. So, it’s really fantastic to be at this point, to be having so much fun, and to feel like everyone’s out there having fun with you. As soon as the ‘Burn It Down’ hits your ears, it just feels like a party out there. And I’m very, very, very humbled to be at the center of that.”

Fans were also seen singing along to Seth Rollins’ theme song after Monday Night RAW a while ago in Buffalo. Regardless, Rollins will never stop loving the reactions he gets and that’s all that matters.

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