RVD was last seen in AEW as part of a big surprise angle. The Whole F’n Show lost to Jungle Boy, but only time will tell if there is more story yet to be told. AEW was very happy about RVD’s debut with their company as well. That doesn’t mean every one is thrilled about things.

One fan chimed back to a meme asking whether RVD should make a full-time return to pro wrestling. That hater said, “Absolutely not, not because I dislike him but no interest and for his health. By the man’s own admission, he’s gotten way too many concussions.”

That fan probably never expected for RVD to see what they wrote about him, but he did. The WWE Hall of Famer also fired back a reply that put this doubting fan in their place, especially where concussions were concerned.

People always think I’m wasting my time responding to idiots, but many others could learn from it if they believe this guy’s bullsh*t. I never said I had too many concussions. There’s no truth to that. I’ve never had lasting symptoms ever, until I had one symptom (double vision) in 2016 that required therapy to resolve. Watch Headstrong and more importantly watch your mouth.


RVD and Jungle Boy had quite a match in an AEW ring, but proved that Rob Van Dam still has it in him. Now, we will have to see what is next for him. It seems that RVD is still injury-free, and he likes it that way.

RVD has never been one for controversies, because he remains very chill. It’s his brand, but he couldn’t help but speak up in this instance, and who could blame him?

What’s your take on RVD’s career? Do you want to see him return full-time? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

Felix Upton

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