Stone Cold Steve Austin, renowned as one of the biggest WWE stars of all time, is also known for his love of pets. Recently, the Texas Rattlesnake welcomed a new feline resident to his Broken Skull Ranch, and its name pays tribute to a legendary WWE Hall of Famer.

Over the weekend, Austin shared the sad news that he had found his black cat, Lefty, deceased in his barn. Austin mentioned that Lefty had been behaving erratically lately, and his passing left Austin’s other cat, Pancho, deeply affected by the loss of his companion.

Seeing Pancho’s distress, the 6-time WWE Champion decided to bring in a new friend for him. On Wednesday morning, he brought home a spirited little orange kitten, only six weeks old.

Steve Austin shared video of the energetic new arrival on his Instagram, showing that Pancho was more than pleased with his new partner. In homage to the late Randy Savage, Austin named the kitten ‘Macho’ after the iconic legend, thus creating the ‘Mega Paw-ers.’


“Introducing Macho. Macho is from a town called Austin, Nevada. Thanks to @huntressdivine for finding him for us. Pancho is already getting used to him, although he is letting him know who the boss is. With Pancho mentoring him, he should be a helluva cat. He certainly has a lot of personality. And is not afraid of anything. He is about 6ish weeks old.”

This new addition brings some joy back to the Broken Skull Ranch, honoring the memory of Lefty while paying tribute to a wrestling legend. Moreover, aside from his family life, Austin was supposed to return in the main event of WrestleMania 40, but the deal fell through due to financial reasons, and he was replaced by The Undertaker.

While Austin failed to appear this time, we will have to wait and see if WWE chooses to bring him on board for WrestleMania 41 next year in Las Vegas.

What are your thoughts on Steve Austin naming his kitten after Macho Man Randy Savage? Sound off in the comments!

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