RVD is regarded as one of the all-time greats as far as in-ring action and death-defying stunts are concerned. RVD has competed all over the world and gained a lot of respect from fans and peers alike. He was part of many angles during his time in WWE, but it appears RVD claimed Stephanie McMahon wanted him as her on-screen boyfriend.

Back in 2001, RVD made his way to WWE and joined up with former ECW colleague Tommy Dreamer as part of the ongoing Invasion storyline. Stephanie McMahon was portraying the on-screen owner of ECW during this storyline and so, RVD and McMahon started working together.

RVD was also presented with a storyline idea that would have seen him have an on-screen romance with Stephanie McMahon. However, that never happened as his ex-wife was “insecure,” and he felt uncomfortable.

While speaking on his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Mr. Monday Night recalled how Stephanie McMahon wanted him as her on-screen boyfriend during the early days of his WWE career.


“I remember having a talk with Stephanie. I was really upset about it, you know what I mean, like, ‘Oh my God! This sucks.’ And I remember Stephanie, you know, trying to make me feel comfortable with it. And she said predictably, ‘You know, just look at like we’re just actors and you’re just playing a part.’ And I was like, ‘okay, but don’t call me Rob Van Dam then because I really am Rob Van Dam. I have been for, you know,’ What was it? 10-12 years.”

The WWE Hall Of Famer had a solid match against Jungle Boy on this past week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. AEW was also very happy with RVD’s performance in his match against Jack Perry. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for him.

What are your thoughts on what RVD said? Do you think a romance angle between the two would have been good? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet is a professional wrestling fan for over 22 years. He got captivated by the sport during the Monday Night Wars and has a passion for it ever since. He also enjoys TV shows, movies, anime, novels and music, which broadens his perspective and appreciation for wrestling. He is a knowledgeable and respected voice in the industry.

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