Vince McMahon did not build WWE on his own, because he had a lot of help along the way. Vince Russo was around for the Attitude Era, a huge boom in business for WWE, and he apparently offered his assistance to Vince McMahon last year.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Vince Russo claimed that “in 2002, I almost went back to WWE.” Then he said he had a “text and email” exchange with Vince McMahon “months before the FDAs came out.” He offered him a consulting gig, because “I will never be on the road with the politicians on the road, ever.” He claimed this happened in 2022, where he said that he would not go to television, because “I have no interest in making this my job.”

Vince Russo then claimed that Vince McMahon messaged him back and asked him to watch WWE RAW for the next couple of weeks and send some notes about what he thinks. Russo agreed, and asked what the compensation was. That was when McMahon allegedly said, “I’m not paying you, you have to prove yourself.”

Vince Russo then allegedly said that he doesn’t work for free. He’s in his 60s, and he does what he does on his own, and he’s not working for free. That is when Vince McMahon allegedly sent back a “scathing email” where he said, “how dare you, I would have jumped at the opportunity.” Russo claims he did not reply to The Chairman.


We exclusively reported in the past that Vince Russo keeps trying to get a position with WWE. He has contacted FOX and USA Network on multiple occasions in an attempt to get him in touch with Vince McMahon’s former company.

Ringside News went on to exclusively report that Max Landis, the son of John Landis who was outed during the #MeToo movement, was one of those people who consulted USA Network about RAW. We were also told that, “a few ended up on the phone with WWE lead writers, Russo was certainly not one of those people.” Our source went on to say that, “if Vince Russo was a consultant, it was a waste of USA’s money. If he wasn’t, it doesn’t matter, because no one cared anyway.”

We will have to see if Vince Russo ever makes his way back to WWE. If anything, he might be up for a WWE Hall of Fame induction, if they run out of every other option.

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