WWE has a lot of opportunities within the company, but there will always be those who wish to put forth the idea that they are far more connected than they really are. Now we must address something Vince Russo recently said and put a stop to the always churning rumor mill.

Just recently, Vince Russo made very bold claim on his podcast about working with WWE. He said, “A couple of months ago. I was offering my help as a consultant. I didn’t want to be hired, I’m never gonna work in that environment again but I was like, ‘Bro your show freaking sucks. Seriously, are you watching?’ It was that conversation all over again.”

Russo then went on to allege that, “Vince [McMahon] wanted me to watch Raw for a couple of weeks and give my feedback. I’m like bro I’ll be happy to do that, I ain’t doing that for free. Your product sucks bro, I’m willing to help you. I’m not gonna jump through hoops to help you. If you wanna pay me to critique the show for the next couple of months, I’ll be happy to do that. But I certainly was not gonna do that for free because the product is horrible. I was just looking to help the guy because the product is horrible!”

Ringside News asked around about this, and we can call cap on everything Vince Russo said about coming back to Vince McMahon’s company. We were told that Vince McMahon didn’t want Russo to watch anything, let alone take a consultant gig. In fact, a tenured member of the team told us exactly what is going on with Russo and WWE. It seems to be 100% a one-sided situation.


“Russo has tried many different ways to get back into WWE. He’s called the networks as ‘former head writer, WWE and WCW’ and tried to get the networks to hire him as consultant or get the networks to pressure WWE to hire him. He’s called anyone he knows in WWE to get back in. He tries to position it to the public that he would never work here again but he’s begging every day to get hired.”

You can never say never in WWE, but the fact is that the “never” associated with Vince Russo’s name is far louder than most. We’ll have to see if things change, but WWE seems to be doing just fine without him around, nor are they clamoring for his unique input.

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H Jenkins

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