The Young Bucks recently shed light on their decision to renew their contracts with AEW. It was quite a decision, and the Bucks, along with Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, made a pact to stick together. During discussions, the group actually found themselves at odds over whether to remain with AEW or explore opportunities with WWE.

In a conversation on Swerve Strickland’s Swerve City podcast, Matt and Nick Jackson revealed that uncertainty surrounded their collective future, with the only definite consensus being their commitment to sticking together. They didn’t reveal who wanted to go where, but things wavered at a time.

Matt Jackson said that things were a bit uncertain for a time. Of course, Tony Khan jumped in and offered them the deals they needed to stick around, something compared to “NBA Money.”

“We were uncertain; I don’t pay attention to the speculation, but I know people might find it surprising that The Elite re-signed. Truth is, we weren’t even sure if we were going to re-sign… We negotiated as a team.”


“Our votes didn’t align each time; there were a lot of emotions over the past year, as the world knows. One day, someone would be in favor of leaving, and the next, another person would be considering going. We weren’t consistently on the same page.”

Despite outside perceptions suggesting the group would inevitably align with either of the two companies, Nick shared that, at one juncture, Matt contemplated retirement instead. Nick recounted, “I had to convince him otherwise.”

While WWE reportedly expressed interest in all four members of The Elite, their attention was particularly drawn to Kenny Omega. Supposed plans for the former AEW and IWGP Heavyweight Champion were unveiled as part of WWE’s interest.

Only time will tell if The Elite ever end up in WWE, but they will have to wait another undisclosed amount of years. The Elite are believed to have signed four-year deals, but that is information that they want to keep close to the vest, for obvious reasons.

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Felix Upton

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