The Young Bucks have expressed their desire to remain a tag team and buck the trend of splitting up for singles careers.

Speaking on the Swerve City podcast with Swerve Strickland and Monteasy, the brothers discussed their long-standing commitment to being a tag team and the journey that led them to embrace this path.

Originally starting as singles wrestlers, the Young Bucks were booked as a tag team by promoters, and to their surprise, it clicked with the fans and garnered more buzz. Initially resistant to the idea of being a tag team, they eventually realized the undeniable marketability and success that came with working together. They decided to stop fighting the idea and fully embrace being the Young Bucks, which has led them to their current success as one of the most iconic tag teams in the wrestling industry.

“We’ve never really had the aspiration of being singles wrestlers. That’s a big thing. We always aspired to be a tag team. We saw the Hardys do it most of their career and thought, ‘maybe we can do a career with each other.’ Honestly, it makes it so much easier traveling with him. I don’t want to do a show without him. I don’t want to get on a plane by myself,” Nick said.


Matt and Nick emphasized their bond as brothers and the ease of traveling together, making them not want to do shows or get on planes without each other. They acknowledged that most tag teams eventually split for singles careers, but they hope to be an exception and have a full career as a tag team.

“When we first started our careers, we were singles wrestlers. It was one of those happenstance moments where promoters booked us as a tag team, and it clicked and everyone wanted us as a tag team. We were kind of against it at first, ‘I want to wear red and call myself Mr. Instant Replay, he wants to wear blue and call himself Slick Nick. We’re not The Young Bucks.’ It was almost forced upon us, ‘no, you’re the Young Bucks.’ We were getting more bookings and more buzz. It was one of those things of, why are we going against what everyone wants? It became to the point where it was undeniable, more marketability and more chances that we’re going to succeed. At the time, there weren’t many tag teams blowing up. ‘Maybe this is our way in to get the push that we want. We’re not doing it as singles, it ain’t happening. Let’s try this way.’ It started happening. ‘Let’s stop fighting this and do it,'” said Matt.

While they have no plans to separate, the Young Bucks did express a desire to have a singles match at some point in AEW. They don’t envision a feud but rather a random singles match for fun and entertainment, possibly in a tournament setting.

The brothers have had singles matches in the past, including one in TNA, which they initially resisted but admitted turned out to be a good match. They also faced each other on the 200th episode of their popular web series, Being The Elite.

As of now, the Young Bucks remain committed to being one of the most iconic and successful tag teams in wrestling, and fans can look forward to more exciting tag team action from this dynamic duo in AEW.

What are your thoughts on The Young Bucks’ decision to remain a tag team and not pursue singles careers? Leave a comment.

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