RVD entered AEW as a WWE Hall of Famer already, and his veteran ability if known all over the world. That being said, some fans took an immediate spotlight on his age as a bad thing. That isn’t going to sway the Whole F’n Show.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry will put the FTW Title on the line against RVD, and that could be a big match for more than one reason. Not only will RVD have a chance to showcase his ability in an AEW ring, but he might also retire the FTW Title if he wins it. That being said, a lot more is on the line.

While talking to Premier Streaming Network, RVD mentioned that AEW put him in trailer and tried to tuck him away in a room by himself, even using a wheelchair in the process.

“Some of the comments I read … one dude said, ‘he’s too old and fragile from beating his body up.’ Personally, I don’t identify with old, because I don’t feel old. I understand at 52 that the younger people will use that and it is what it is, I don’t get insulted by it, but I don’t identify with it, because I feel great. Knowing what I know, having the insight that I do, whenever I see something like that I just think that those people are identifying that in their own lives, because they’ve known people who break down at 35, and I get that too.”


RVD has a lot more in the tank at this point, but he’s not old and fragile by his own definition at all. Only time will tell what he has in store for Jack Perry, but he might have something to prove to jaded AEW fans.

RVD also revealed that AEW didn’t get permission to use Pantera’s “Walk” until about an hour before he debuted on the show. Things came together as they did, and it created AEW history in a big way.

AEW has a lot more surprises for fans in the pipeline, and they might just include RVD. Do you think he has it in him for another run? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

Transcription by Ringside News

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