Recently, some international viewers of FITE, a popular streaming service for wrestling content, received notices stating that their AEW+ subscriptions would be ending soon. This sparked speculations among fans and industry insiders that AEW might be on the verge of announcing its own dedicated streaming platform.

However, it turns out that the notices were not an indication of AEW’s plans to launch a standalone streaming service. The confusion arose due to a technical issue on FITE’s end, rather than any deliberate decision by AEW.

Warner Bros. Discovery currently holds the streaming rights to AEW content in the United States. Any news about AEW branching out to create its own streaming platform would be surprising, as the existing partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery has been fruitful.

FITE, in a prompt response to the issue, clarified that the notices were sent in error and that the problem has been resolved. International subscribers of AEW+ do not need to take any action as their subscriptions remain valid. AEW+ continues to be available on the FITE platform, and fans can look forward to exciting AEW events, especially those taking place in London.


“Some subscribers received notices about their AEW+ subscription ending in error this week. The problem has been resolved and no action is needed at this time. AEW+ is alive and well and we’re looking forward to some incredible events this month in London.“

As AEW continues to thrive and expand its audience worldwide, collaborations with streaming platforms like FITE and Warner Bros. Discovery play a crucial role in delivering AEW content to fans across the globe. With this recent incident behind them, AEW and its streaming partners are undoubtedly poised to bring even more wrestling action to audiences worldwide.

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Steve Carrier

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