Ryback has been dealing with a stalker issue, and this isn’t anything new. After all, Chase threatened Dolph Ziggler’s life, as well as Curtis Axel. This is a problem that he’s dealt with for years. Now, it appears that his journey with Chase the Stalker might be coming to an end.

It seems that Ryback’s stalker, Chase, has quite a criminal record as well. He was once arrested on a firearms charge, and you can find all that information here. Thankfully, Ryback claims that the FBI has tracked down his stalker.

During a recent live stream, Ryback revealed that his stalker situation might be coming to an end very soon. He said that an arrest warrant for aggravated stalking has been issued, and that carries quite a stiff penalty.

They just put out the arrest warrant for aggravated stalking, and I put it on Twitter that the minimum for aggravated stalking, which we have a confession for, is two years. The maximum is 15 years, and I believe a $5,000 fine as well with that. What we are going to be doing is this is going to be turned over to the DA, and I’m working with the sergeant who was very kind and good with me with everything and making sure the DA understands the sevirity of this issue. The sargeant has also dealt with a stalking issue, so he knows what we are dealing with.


Ryback said that his stalker, Chase, will know very shortly that he is getting prosecuted, and they are “going to do everything they can to get him extradited.” Ryback says that he is going to try to get Chase 15 years, which is the maximum sentence. He also made it clear that the DA has a lot of evidence, even prior to the FBI’s investigation starting up on him.

In the end, Ryback claims that Chase has opened “thousands” of Twitter accounts to harass him, and they have the needed information to “get this guy locked up for a long, long period of time with this.”

We will have to see what Ryback does next in this situation. He is still dealing with Chase on a daily basis, as his stalker issue has not gotten any better. Perhaps once an arrest is actually made then Chase won’t be an issue for Ryback ever again.

What’s your take on Ryback getting the authorities involved in this situation? Sound off in the comments to let us know at you’re thinking!

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