Vince McMahon carved out a path for himself in pro wrestling that cannot be understated. Although Ryback believes that Vince’s legacy will be forgotten after he dies due to stories surfacing about him, many also regard him as instrumental to WWE’s continued success. He is also still known to trash talk.

During ESPN’s First Take, the same interview where Paul Heyman mocked Bobby Heenan for being dead, Roman Reigns was asked about what makes this Saturday’s SummerSlam match special. He had quite lot to say about that as well.

Roman Reigns was asked who is the best trash talker in WWE history. Paul Heyman then interjected that Vince McMahon is the best trash talker in WWE, and that goes for behind the scenes.

Paul Heyman then stated that Vince McMahon has the right to be the best trash talker in WWE, because he signs everyone’s paychecks. This was followed by then asking Roman Reigns who the best trash talking Superstar is, to which he said” “me.”


Vince McMahon recently had life-altering spinal surgery, so it’s anyone’s guess how that might change how he lives his life. At this point, he is still able to make changes to WWE programming whenever he likes with one phone call while Triple H continues as Chief content officer.

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