Grayson Waller has set his sights on capturing championship gold in WWE, specifically targeting the United States Championship. Since his call-up to the main roster as part of the WWE Draft in April, Waller has been making waves and gaining more prominence.

One of Waller’s most notable moments came at Money in the Bank 2023, where he played a significant role in a segment with the legendary John Cena. This exposure led to his main roster wrestling debut against Hall of Famer Edge at the July 7 Madison Square Garden SmackDown event.

In an interview on WWE Die Woche, Waller expressed his desire to add a championship to his list of accomplishments in WWE, noting that winning a title is the one thing he has yet to achieve. He specifically mentioned his interest in the United States Championship, a title with a rich history and held by many big names in the past.

“There’s a lot, there’s a lot (of championships I have my eyes on in WWE). I’ve done some big things in my career in the WWE. I’ve almost done it all but the one thing I haven’t done yet is win a championship so I think it’s time that I need to change that up and the one that I’m looking at is the United States Championship. I think that’s a championship with a lot of history, a lot of big names have won that and I look at that division and I’m just like, it’s missing something.”


Waller also reflected on a recent four-way match where he had an opportunity to advance in the US Title Invitational tournament, but Santos Escobar emerged victorious. Despite the setback, Waller remains determined to chase after the championship, whether it’s against Austin Theory, the current titleholder, or Santos Escobar.

“I think it’s missing Grayson Waller. I had my opportunity in a four-way. Santos (Escobar) stole that match from me. So whether it’s Santos Escobar, Austin Theory, it doesn’t matter. I think you’re gonna see Grayson Waller with that United States Championship very soon.”

Austin Theory won the US Title in a three-way match at Survivor Series in November 2022. He is set to defend the championship against Santos Escobar on the August 11 edition of SmackDown, following Escobar’s victory in the US Title Invitational.

With influential figures like Shawn Michaels and The Miz praising Waller as a future main-event player, it appears likely that he will have opportunities to compete for main roster gold in the future.

Given Grayson Waller’s impressive rise and determination to capture championship gold, how do you think he will fare in potential matchups against established superstars like Austin Theory and Santos Escobar for the United States Championship? Leave a comment.

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