TJ Wilson recently appeared as a guest on the Going Postl podcast, where he delved into various topics. One of the highlights of the discussion was his recollection of the E! Network reality show, Total Divas, and how his wife, Natalya, came to be a part of the cast.

According to Wilson, Natalya was not initially slated to be featured on Total Divas. The original lineup for the show consisted of The Bella Twins, Eva Marie, and JoJo Offerman. However, there were some doubts about including Natalya due to concerns that her wrestling background might not appeal to the audience.

Interestingly, it was Vince McMahon, the Chairman of WWE, who championed Natalya’s inclusion in the show. McMahon believed that Natalya’s wrestling background would be a valuable asset and bring a unique perspective to the series. He saw Natalya as the glue that would tie the show to the wrestling audience and add a crucial element to its overall appeal.

In the end, Vince McMahon’s vision proved to be accurate, as Natalya’s presence on Total Divas resonated well with the audience. Her experience and expertise in the world of professional wrestling added depth and authenticity to the show, making her a significant and beloved part of the Total Divas cast.


“And what’s funny is originally, Nattie — and Nattie’s talked about this in a lot of interviews. She wasn’t supposed to be on it. It was gonna be The Bellas, Eva (Marie), JoJo (Offerman) but it was like, they weren’t gonna do — I think some people thought Nattie was too wrestler-y and Vince (McMahon) was the one who said, ‘No. Actually, Nattie will be the glue of this thing because she comes from a wrestling background and this will be the thing that ties it together to our audience…’”

Total Divas became a hit among wrestling and reality TV fans alike, offering an inside look into the lives of WWE’s female Superstars outside the ring. Natalya’s involvement played a key role in establishing the show’s credibility and connecting with the wrestling community.

What other aspects of Natalya’s wrestling background and personality do you think made her such a crucial and beloved part of Total Divas, and how do you believe her inclusion on the show impacted the perception of WWE’s female Superstars and the wrestling community as a whole? Leave a comment below.

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