WWE has seen a few big creative changes over the past year or so. Triple H is now Chief Creative Officer, making his own calls, while Vince McMahon is still free to make any necessary changes. It seems that the company’s practice toward managers has shifted as well.

Pro wrestling used to be full of managers over the years. In recent memory, a lot of Superstars have gone without representation from managers. That is a trend that might be going away as well.

Sean Sapp noted during a Q&A behind Fightful’s paywall that Vince McMahon and Triple H have much different opinions of how to use pro wrestling managers. It seems that Triple H is much more receptive to the idea.

“She was brought back primarily to manage the Vikings, just primarily. I don’t know that there was a heavy discussion of her wrestling, but it was always potential.”


“Vince didn’t like to have women’s managers on the roster that just didn’t wrestle. And Triple H was much more open to that.

“That’s why we’re seeing – like Rhea is a manager and a wrestler, but she’s a wrestler first, Zelina, a manager and a wrestler who was a manager first, now is a wrestler first, and now we’ve got Valhalla who is a manager first and sometimes a wrestler, Maxxine Dupri fits in that as well. It’s a difference of philosophies.”

Shawn Michaels also commented during the media conference before the Great American Bash that he and Triple H view pro wrestling managers in a much different way from how WWE has treated them in the past. Vince McMahon hasn’t been a fan of the idea in the past, but that isn’t the case with today’s creative leadership.

We will have to see how managers are used in WWE in the years to come. With Scarlett around, along with Maxxine Dupri and even Mr. Stone, it seems that WWE has a few people on their roster who can manage a client or two. It’s also impossible to forget about the fact that the Bloodline’s Wise Man, Paul Heyman is also around.

What’s your take on pro wrestling managers? Do you think it’s a lost art? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

Felix Upton

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