Booker T and Ryback might not have that MMA fight that the Big Guy wants, but the two-time WWE Hall of Famer might still have words with the former IC Champion if they ever bump into each other again. That being said, fans haven’t forgotten about this beef

Booker T fired back to Ryback calling him “b*tch,” among other things. Booker T said it was pretty much on-site whenever they happen to run into each other. It wouldn’t even be the kind of thing that anyone might ever know about, but Booker alluded to the idea that a confrontation was going to go down.

During a recent live stream, Ryback was taking calls from fans, and one of them popped off with a Booker T sound board. The Booker T impostor fired off a little dig at Ryback for not fighting him.

The fake Booker T said that he wanted Ryback on his show, but “your b*tch ass backed out.” Ryback didn’t sell it, and he moved on, claiming that this was his stalker, Chase. Then Chase called right after that to prove him wrong.


It appears that Ryback might be facing more trolls than just his dangerous stalker, the same who has threatened Dolph Ziggler, Curtis Axel, and Ryback’s mother in the past. Thankfully, Ryback is still safe and doing his thing on his live streams, enjoying himself as much as he can with trolls doing their thing. All in all, Ryback is a professional, and he’s been in the public eye for well over a decade at this point, so he knows how to not let little things like that bother him.

Booker T said he was bit bummed that a fight with Ryback isn’t happening. He doesn’t want to fight Ryback in any arranged setting, but if two grown men want to handle their business in private, then Booker T might not be opposed to the idea. We’ll have to see if Ryback comments further about this in the future.

What’s your take on Ryback’s recent developments? Do you just want to see him wrestle again? Sound off in the comments to let us know how much you want to see Ryback in the ring once again!

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