In a new video dropped by WWE on Snapchat, WWE star Dominik Mysterio took the hot seat to answer some burning questions from fans. Following Rhea Ripley’s hilarious responses in a previous video, Dominik was up for the challenge of addressing various fan queries from different social media platforms.

Throughout the Questions and Answers session, Dominik spoke highly of Rhea Ripley and the Judgment Day faction as a whole. He revealed that his favorite moment in WWE so far was joining the Judgment Day faction, and he emphasized that the members truly hang out together, including during a recent UK tour to London. Dominik also mentioned a fun moment where he, Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest recreated the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover.

“We really are a family. We’re a melting pot, but we’re a family.”

When asked about reconciling with his dad, Dominik’s answer was heartfelt and touched upon the memory of the late Eddie Guerrero. He shared that he dreams about reconciliation with Eddie every night and that it can sometimes keep him up, but due to Eddie’s passing, he focuses on doing what he can at this point.


“You know, I dream about that every night. Sometimes it keeps me up and I can’t sleep, but because he’s no longer with us: RIP Eddie, you know, I just do what I can at this point.”

With the Judgment Day faction creating a strong connection between its members, Dominik expressed his love and admiration for the camaraderie they share.

What are your thoughts on Dominik Mysterio’s experience in WWE so far and his close bond with the Judgment Day faction? Leave a comment.

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