Jake Roberts is known for many things, especially his promo work. That raspy voice was a calling card for him, and it turns out that he an injury to thank for that signature tone.

In the realm of legendary talkers in professional wrestling, a select group of wrestlers stand out above the rest. The Rock utilizes insults and catchy catchphrases to verbally assault his opponents even before the bell rings. Paul Heyman adds intricate details to any storyline he’s involved in, masterfully manipulating the crowd’s reaction to his clients. Meanwhile, Sensational Sherri’s pitch and cadence can catch unsuspecting spectators off guard. However, Jake “The Snake” Roberts took a different, icier route that set him apart from the loud cacophony of his peers, though it wasn’t by choice initially.

During an appearance on “Hey! (EW)” with RJ City, the Hall of Famer shared the story behind his signature raspy voice. It was the result of an accident in the ring involving Florida wrestling mainstay and former Olympian, Bob Roop. In a fateful incident, Roop dropped a knee on Roberts’ throat, unintentionally crushing his voice box. From that moment on, the cerebral competitor was forced to speak in a lower register due to the injury.

However, Jake “The Snake” Roberts turned this injury into an advantage. He adapted and made his promos sound even more sinister, delivering them in hushed tones. At a time when animated and explosive promos were the norm, the AEW manager transformed this weakness into a strength, etching his name into the history books. RJ City humorously pointed out that Roop inadvertently gave the legend a gift by helping him realize that “you don’t have to actually yell into a microphone for it to pick up your voice.” For that serendipitous night and the lesson it brought, Roberts thanked his former colleague, acknowledging how it shaped his career for the better.


Jake Roberts still has a place in AEW to this day, where his promo ability accentuates Lance Archer’s presence in the ring. The Murderhawk Monster might not be the same in AEW. We will have to see what happens in the future, because Lance Archer’s story in AEW is far from finished at this point.

Do you think Jake Roberts is one of the best talkers in the pro wrestling business? Does he still have what it wakes to own the microphone? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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