Jushin Thunder Liger is a WWE Hall of Famer, but he only had one match with the company. That 2015 match against Tyler Breeze is one he will never forget, and Prince Pretty was left with a lasting impression as well.

We previously covered how this match came together. Finn Balor trained under Jushin Thunder Liger, and he gave him a call when NXT couldn’t figure out what was next for Tyler Breeze. After all, Breeze was at a point where he had already faced just about everyone that he could in the brand.

While speaking to A2D Radio, Tyler Breeze revealed how they set up that NXT match. He met with Liger before the event, and that is when Liger asked him to put everything together, because he “didn’t understand the style.”

“I end up getting to Brooklyn and I never met him,” he said. “I have no clue what he looks like. So I sit down in catering and there’s a guy who sits across from me.


“He’s an older Asian dude. You wouldn’t recognize anything about him and he’s sitting across from me. I just kind of stared at him and … so I just went, ‘Hey man! I think we’re working tonight.’

“He goes, ‘Please put the whole match together. I don’t really understand the style. Whatever you want to do.’ I’m telling him the match and he’s just being so ridiculously respectful on stuff.

“I went, ‘Hey, maybe this and then you go and grab my phone and then you lay up in the corner?’ 

“He goes, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you!’ No, no, no, thank you, man! It was literally just like that the whole time. Nothing but respect. Nothing but class.”

Jushin Thunder Liger certainly had a lot of faith in Tyler Breeze as he trusted him to put that match together. Only time will tell what’s next for Justin Liger, because he could pop up again somewhere. As for Tyler Breeze, he is still getting WWE paychecks as part of UpUpDownDown, and you never know where his career will take him next as Breezango reunion is very possible.

What’s your take on Jushin Thunder Liger’s only WWE match? Would you have booked him against someone else? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

“Everything in the ring was fantastic. Everybody was happy with it. He was happy with it.”

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