Rick Steiner was a part of a huge controversy around WrestleMania weekend, as he hurled several transphobic slurs and misgendering insults toward Gisele Shaw. This resulted in a ban for Steiner, but months later, they tried to give him a second shot.

Rick Steiner quietly demonstrated a positive gesture that went largely unnoticed by the public. He promptly apologized to the Wrestlecon staff, fellow wrestlers, and even the Impact Wrestling staff during a private, mediated event. It’s worth noting that Gisele, despite being offered an apology, chose not to attend, a decision that was fully understood, supported, and continues to be respected. It is essential to acknowledge that she was under no obligation to hear anything from Rick, and she should never feel compelled to accept any apology from him, neither in the past nor in the present.

Upset fans still called for Rick Steiner to lose a spot at WrestleCon before SummerSlam. Now, it appears that he will have to wait a while to get another opportunity.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that if Rick Steiner ever gets another shot at a pro wrestling convention appearance, then he will be on incredibly thin ice from the start.


Rick will forever be on a zero-tolerance scale moving forward at any of our events. If we are proven wrong, that he has not learned from his mistakes, we will enforce a permanent ban. That is not to imply that everyone gets one free strike. 

We will have to see what happens in this situation. Rick Steiner still has a lot of fans, who would love to meet him. That doesn’t mean any event organizer is willing to put up with the public backlash over booking him.

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