WWE fans were thrilled to see Carlito make his return to WWE at Backlash. That was a one-off appearance in Puerto Rico, but it certainly got conversations started once again about bringing Carlito back to WWE.

It was later reported that Carlito was telling promoters that he couldn’t take more bookings. The writing was on the wall that Carlito inked a new deal, and it was later noted that this took place.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted, “Carlito was originally scheduled to return on the 7/7 Smackdown show in Madison Square Garden, so the idea is he’s on the Smackdown brand. It ended up being canceled because of how much they had to cram into the show.” It seems that wasn’t the case.

Ringside News reached out to inquire about Carlito’s WWE status, especially that reported postponed return. We were told by a tenured member of the creative team that, “Carlito was not scheduled for the Garden.”


Carlito appeared at WWE Backlash during the LWO’s brawl during Bad Bunny’s barn burner of a battle. The Puerto Rican fans popped in a huge way, because he was not expected at all. Savio Vega, who previously appeared during the event in a backstage segment, also showed up to lay down some of his signature moves.

Carlito could join the LWO at a future date, since he has reportedly agreed to terms for another run with WWE. Only time will tell whether his second run in WWE will be as notable as his first outing. With years of experience behind him, Carlito Cool might be even better.

Carlito’s first run in WWE left a mark on fans and the pro wrestling landscape, as he later left to continue a fruitful career in Puerto Rico. Bursting onto the scene with his trademark apple and cool persona, Carlito quickly gained attention and became a memorable figure in WWE’s mid-2000s era. His smooth in-ring style and charisma made him a fan favorite, while his outspoken attitude added an edge to his character. Carlito won the Intercontinental Championship and formed notable alliances with his brother, Primo, and friend Santino Marella.

Although Carlito’s WWE tenure had its ups and downs, his unique personality and in-ring abilities continue to resonated with wrestling fans, making him a beloved figure in the company’s history. This is why his return to the company is understandably exciting for long-time fans, although newer fans likely have no idea who he is, unless they’re studying WWE history.

Ringside News will have continued coverage of Carlito’s return to WWE, and everything surrounding that expected occasion. Please use those comments below to sound off and let us know what you think!

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