Last week’s episode of WWE Smackdown made history by becoming the first wrestling program to rank #1 for the week in English-language network TV.

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the episode garnered 2.561 million viewers and an 0.76 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, surpassing other popular shows on network television.

While wrestling programs have previously topped cable ratings for the week, including multiple episodes of WWE RAW, Smackdown came close to achieving this milestone for network TV. It narrowly missed out on being #1 overall, as it was narrowly defeated by NASCAR. However, Smackdown still secured the top spot among English-language network TV shows.

It’s important to note that Univision’s Copa Oro (Gold Cup) soccer games on the same week attracted more viewers, ranking higher overall. A game featuring Mexico vs. Costa Rica received 2,472,000 viewers, while a game with US vs. Canada had 2,323,000 viewers. These soccer games outperformed Smackdown, but they aired on a different network and catered to a specific audience.


Smackdown’s achievement is significant because it outperformed other entertainment shows for the week, demonstrating its popularity among viewers. The episode centered around the trial of Roman Reigns, which extended for over half an hour and proved to be a major draw. The trial segment garnered 3,070,000 viewers and an 0.94 rating in the 18-49 demographic, marking one of the largest quarters for Smackdown in recent years.

This milestone for Smackdown highlights its continued success and viewership dominance in the world of professional wrestling.

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