AEW is still going, and gaining momentum as time goes on. A recent news drop from Tony Khan’s company certainly drew a lot of attention, because they are finally banning certain moves.

AEW issued a list of banned moves, and moves that need approval. Those moves were eclectic and listed everything from unprotected chair shots to repeating moves.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that, while the list of banned and restricted moves is very real, they really aren’t supposed to change much. If anything, the changes aren’t supposed to distract from the matches at all.

They are all still allowed and will be done, but you just have to tell the producers and coaches you are working with on the match that you are doing it. In theory, if too many are doing the same things repeatedly on the same show, they may not be approved because you don’t want to overdo those type of spots.


One wrestler noted to us that you won’t see any changes that would be noticeable since all of those things that you have to alert the producers about were all things that talent would already been telling the producers about to begin with.

He noted that during the rare occasions where people do something in the moment that would violate the rules it could be an issue after the fact, but noted those are rare. He expected if that were to happen he expected minor fines but no great repercussions and it wouldn’t happen often enough that it changes the product at all.

We will keep a close eye on AEW as they continue on. This is not something that AEW fans really wanted to see, because the company wasn’t originally supposed to limit their performers. Only time will tell if those alterations are ever noticed, or AEW throws any new rules into the situation.

The pro wrestling world will continue watching AEW closely. If anything, they will continue presenting a pro wrestling alternative while trying hard to break out into the mainstream.

For more on this story, and many more in the pro wrestling world, stay tuned with us here at Ringside News.

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