Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on the potential expansion of AEWs pay-per-view schedule on his recent installment of the Strictly Business podcast.

Responding to a report that Warner Bros Discovery had pitched the idea of more pay-per-views to AEW, Bischoff speculated that Warner Bros Discovery likely owns a stake in AEW and sees the revenue potential in increasing the number of pay-per-view events.

Bischoff questioned why Warner Bros Discovery would encourage AEW to produce more pay-per-views unless they had a financial interest in the company. He suggested that their motivation likely stems from wanting a share of the revenue generated by pay-per-view events. Bischoff further expressed his belief that if Warner Bros Discovery didn’t have ownership in AEW, they would only be concerned with television ratings.

“My first thought is, why? Why would Warner Discovery encourage AEW to produce more pay-per-views? I guess it’s because Warner Discovery owns a piece, they see the revenue and they want a share of it. I’m guessing they do right now, you don’t hear a lot of that chatter. But I’m guessing that Warner Discovery probably owns a piece of AEW, that’s part of their overall deal and as such, sees revenue potential there that is readily available and they want at it. If that’s the case, then I’m more convinced than ever that Warner Discovery owns a piece of AEW as we speak and are looking for revenue upside. Otherwise, why would they care?”


Based on this analysis, Bischoff concluded that Warner Bros Discovery’s interest in expanding the pay-per-view schedule indicates their ownership stake in AEW and their desire to maximize revenue opportunities.

“I’m absolutely convinced because otherwise it wouldn’t make any difference, why would they care? If they’re not getting a piece of the action, all they care about is television ratings. Since they’re looking for content other than television, there’s no other reason why they’d be interested unless they’re getting a taste.”

In a separate episode of Strictly Business, Bischoff also discussed the potential challenges of organizing a WrestleMania event in London.

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