AEW has gone through a lot of changes since its debut back in 2019 and the company has also seen a significant amount of growth since then. This couldn’t be more apparent after seeing AEW All In’s success at Wembley Stadium. Now it appears that the event has crossed yet another milestone.

AEW will be holding the next All In event at Wembley Stadium this year, which will have a capacity of 90,000. It did not take long before people came out in droves and claimed that AEW could never sell out the stadium.

Obviously, everyone who doubted the event had to eat their words after AEW All In ended up selling over 35,000 tickets in the presale earlier this year. Tony Khan then announced that AEW All In had sold 50,000 tickets.

Chris Jericho announced that the event ended up selling over 60,000 tickets for Wembley Stadium and tickets are continuously selling even now. Now the event has sold over 75,000 tickets. 


While speaking on today’s Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian reported that AEW All In will air as a pay-per-view on Bleacher Report Live just one week before the All Out pay-per-view, adding that it will even be sold as a combo.

“The other thing I confirmed with somebody today, double confirmed….so All In is a big question, right? What do you do it all in, right? Is it gonna be free? Are you gonna give it for free? Are you gonna charge a pay-per-view fee? Then you’re gonna charge another one the following month, right? Following week, right? You’re gonna do a hundred bucks. Well, it is a pay-per-view on BR [Bleacher Report]. Right now, I believe, I’m not a hundred percent on this, but I believe they’re working on some sort of bundle to get both, which makes a lot of sense. I know that it was a discussion. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen. I don’t know if BR has that ability, but BR is very limited, and they need to get off of it. And a lot of this has to do with, you know, the next, the next step in their tv.”

Tony Khan is also planning AEW All In to be an international event. AEW has not announced any matches for All In London yet, but that will likely be rectified in good time as fans can’t wait for the August 27th event. We’ll have to see how the event will ultimately turn out.

What’s your view on AEW All In’s success? Do you think it will eventually sell out? Let us know in the comments!

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