Ryback recently defended Matt Hardy on social media in furious fashion. That was followed by an equally profane rant on his live stream.

Jim Cornette’s wife is a piece of his legend. Of course, stories about Cornette’s wife also include tales of hooking up with The Big Show and others. That was called into the focus as Ryback launched into a new attack.

Ryback unleashed on a recent live stream about several subjects and people. That included Jim Cornette, who recently went to war on Twitter with Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy sacrificed his body for this f*cking business, and we got fat, f*cking loser, marks on Cornette’s show, while he’s sucking them off and pegging them with his wife and the worker of the week every f*cking week. Over there calling me washed up?


You fat motherf*cker haven’t done jack sh*t! That’s the f*cking facts!

We previously reported that Ryback launched into rampage on Booker T, and others. Mark Henry also caught fire in that flow of “F Yous” that Ryback was dishing out.

Ryback certainly had a lot to say in his recent live stream. He also might have burned a few bridges in the process. We will have to keep our eyes peeled, right here at Ringside News.

Ryback has a lot of fans, but he’s also lost several over the years. Do you still dig the Big Guy? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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