Former WWE Superstars don’t always see eye-to-eye, and that’s just a part of the business. That being said, it seems Ryback is harboring a much different kind of grudge.

Ryback went out of pocket on a recent podcast, and he had a lot to say. It seems that his aggression was aimed at the World’s Strongest Man for a bit as well.

During a recent live stream, Ryback launched into a string of obscenities, and he unleashed some energy on Mark Henry specifically.

“Mark Henry didn’t do jack shit to me because he’s a scared motherf*cker.”


We previously reported that Ryback launched into rampage on Booker T, and others. Mark Henry also caught fire in that flow of “F Yous” that Ryback was dishing out.

Ryback proclaimed during that previous rant that, “I’m coming back and there’s not a motherf*cker alive that is going to stop me from accomplishing what I want to do” Ryback is very sure of himself, and that return remains to be seen as well.

Only time will tell what Ryback does in the future. He is certainly sure of himself, and fired up, right now. For more on this story

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