In a recent discussion on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the veteran wrestler shared his perspective on the use of blood in wrestling. While blood is less common in major promotions these days, it is still frequently seen in AEW, particularly in the matches involving Jon Moxley. Hardy believes that blood should be used strategically and sparingly, as it holds more meaning when used in specific scenarios.

Hardy acknowledged that some argue that Moxley’s frequent bleeding has damaged his reputation. However, he emphasized that bleeding and blood are most effective when used in the right context and not overused every week. According to Hardy, the value of blood diminishes if it becomes too frequent.

“I do think there’s an issue for saying there’s too much bleeding on the show. I think bleeding and blood is best when it’s used in the correct spaces and not every single week. It doesn’t need to be done too often because that’ll kind of kill it. That hurts its effect as well. When blood happens in certain scenarios, it means so much more.”

While Moxley’s approach of incorporating blood in his matches aligns with his desire to make them feel like real fights, Hardy stated that he would not want to adopt that style on a weekly basis. He stressed that blood should be used sparingly to retain its impact and significance.


“That’s my general opinion of blood in pro wrestling, generally. Apparently, with Jon, he’s doing this thing as far as making it a real fight, it’s a fight club with the BCC, so that’s his thing. He’s in there, there’s violence, and he bleeds a lot, and that’s his preference, and that’s what he wants to do, I guess. For me, I wouldn’t want to do that every single week because I think, once again, that kind of minimizes the value of bleeding.”

Hardy emphasized that his opinions on blood in wrestling are subjective and based on his own preferences. He believes that blood is one of the few elements in wrestling that should not be overdone. Instead, it should be used selectively to make it a special and meaningful aspect of the matches. He acknowledged that others may choose to bleed every week or engage in death matches, and that’s their prerogative, but he was merely expressing his personal viewpoint.

“I just think blood is one of the few things in wrestling that shouldn’t be overdone. I feel like it means so much more when it is done in specific scenarios, and it’s a little bit of a sparse, special thing. If someone wants to go out there and they want to gig every single week, go nuts. If someone wants to go out there and have a death match every single week, go nuts. If someone wants to go out there and have a classic chain wrestling match every week, go nuts. I don’t care what you do. That’s your stance, that’s your choice. If there’s people that enjoy that, then great. It is what it is. But I’m just talking about my personal preferences on all these issues.”

When co-host Jon Alba mentioned Hardy’s admiration for Moxley, Hardy praised the former AEW World Champion, referring to him as the heart and soul of AEW. He commended Moxley for his hard work and dedication to the company, stating that he has been a consistent and influential figure since his transition from WWE to AEW. Hardy sees Moxley as a flag-bearer for AEW in multiple ways and expressed his admiration for the wrestler.

Do you agree that blood should be used sparingly and strategically to retain its impact? Leave a comment below.

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