The emergence of Blue Kane in the wrestling scene has caused quite a stir online, particularly due to the comparisons drawn between him and the original Red Kane from WWE. While his true identity remains a mystery, let’s delve into what we know so far.

Blue Kane made his debut on Twitter on May 19, 2021, a date that holds significance in the storyline of the original Kane. However, it wasn’t until a recent viral video where he showcased his wrestling skills and claimed to possess “snow powers” that he gained widespread attention. Sporting gear resembling the original Kane’s attire, but in blue instead of red, and summoning snow instead of fire pyro, Blue Kane certainly caught the internet’s fascination.

The Reddit community also took notice, with discussions about his identity. One theory proposed that he is Truman Roswell, a wrestler from the British indie scene. However, Roswell debunked this speculation, pointing out that he had appeared as Blue Kane’s tag team partner in the past and that his visible red beard contradicts the masked character.

A more credible theory suggests that Blue Kane is actually Memes, another wrestler known for his online presence and the operator of the Wrestling Memes Twitter account. Memes and Blue Kane have collaborated in the past, share similarities in their physical builds, and move within the same circles. While this theory remains unconfirmed, it has gained traction as an “open secret” among internet wrestling enthusiasts.


The question of whether Blue Kane’s identity will be revealed and whether it will be a playful parody of Glenn Jacobs’ unmasking in WWE remains to be seen. For now, fans eagerly await any further developments and the unmasking of the enigmatic Blue Kane, which could provide answers to his true persona and add an intriguing twist to his online wrestling persona.

What are your thoughts on the emergence of Blue Kane in the wrestling scene? Do you have any theories about his true identity? Leave a comment below.

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