WWE has their share of controversies, but when Lacey Evans started using character that was similar to Sgt Slaughter, things really didn’t go well. He spoke out, and his daughter as well, as they dragged Lacey Evans, and the Lady of WWE fired back a few times. Now, Sgt is still speaking on the subject.

Sgt Slaughter has responded to reports suggesting that he declined the chance to make a WWE comeback and work alongside Lacey Evans. It seems that he declined for a couple of reasons.

Previous reports had indicated that WWE approached Slaughter to appear in vignettes promoting Lacey’s return in January, but he reportedly turned down the opportunity firmly. The public controversy that erupted after that should also show proof that all is not well in this situation.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, Sgt Slaughter confirmed these reports, stating that he declined the offer because he wasn’t offered the financial compensation he desired to rejoin WWE. However, he mentioned that he would be open to returning to the company if the circumstances were right.


Sgt Slaughter’s response sheds light on his decision and his willingness to potentially work with WWE again in the future, provided the terms are satisfactory.

“They came to me, offered this deal, and it was to make less money than I’m making now.

“Why should I give up making what I’m making and go get her trained and make her a star and then there I am dangling out there and owned by the WWE? It didn’t look so favorable for me, so I just said, ‘Well, I’m just gonna stay with what I’m doing.’

“If they want to, if they wanna come up with the right deal, they wanna come up with the right scenario, whatever they wanna do, I’d love to come back and manage her and show her what to do.

“I did it with Don Kernodle and Jim Nelson. I made them The Privates, made them champions. I took these two fan favorites and made them a couple of the meanest guys in town. I could easily do that with Lacey and not even hurt my character.”

“So, if they would like me to come back, I’d have no qualms about sitting down and talking about it, but to offer me something like they did was a slap in my face.

“It was like utterly ridiculous what they offered me. I was making more money when I left there than they were offering me to come back and make her (Lacey Evans) a star.”

WWE creative takes a lot of work before making it on television. Whether Sgt Slaughter was on board or not, he can’t lay claim to every military-inspired gimmick for the rest of WWE history. Of course, the fact that Lacey Evans used his submission hold was also seen as an extra did.

We will have to see how this situation develops from here. Lacey Evans has a lot of fans who would love to see her rock that military gear on WWE television. As for right now, it seems that the company might have cooled off on her a bit once again.

Lacey Evans has a lot of potential still, and an incredible life story. Is she a future Women’s Champion? Sound off in the comments!

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