WWE SmackDown is coming from the United Kingdom this week, so they will not be live on FOX this week. That being said, you can expect some spoilers in the space below.

This week’s episode of SmackDown will gear fans up for Money in the Bank. Now, we have spoilers for the night’s episode. You can check out the lineup below and the results.

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WWE Women’s Championship

Asuka vs Charlotte Flair


WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs Pretty Deadly

Grayson Waller Effect with Logan Paul

Roman Reigns will return

Spoiler Results:

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn retained their titles against Pretty Deadly in a pretty good match.

We shoot backstage and see Adam Pearce. The Brawling Brutes walk up and Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch have a verbal exchange with the WWE authority figure, which results in a title eliminator bout being set up against the United States Champion.

Austin Theory (C) vs. Ridge Holland – WWE United States Championship Eliminator. Austin Theory wins the match as the finish saw Holland initially puts up a strong fight in the opening minutes, showcasing his will to win. However, Theory swiftly gains control as the match progresses, leading to the climax where the individual who once defeated John Cena secures a relatively straightforward triumph over The Brawling Brute.

After the match concludes, as expected, Theory displays his lack of sportsmanship by relentlessly attacking the already defeated Holland, much to the dismay of the audience at the O2 Arena. However, to everyone’s surprise, “The Celtic Warrior” makes a sudden appearance, charging down from backstage.

A video package airs for the Bloodline’s Civil War match at Money in the Bank.

Sheamus fiercely assaults Theory, igniting an enthusiastic reaction from the London crowd. He comes to the rescue of his Brawling Brutes comrade and successfully drives off the U.S. Champion. The audience erupts with thunderous chants of “Sheamus! Sheamus!” to conclude the intense post-match sequence.

While the ring crew swiftly enters the squared circle to tidy up the mat, our attention is drawn to a captivating vignette. We are immersed in a familiar dark and foreboding atmosphere as Karrion Kross delivers a powerful message directed towards AJ Styles. The video concludes with Kross’s signature “Tik-Tok…” routine, leaving a lasting impression. Notably, Scarlett also makes an appearance in this brief yet captivating video segment.

Bayley beat Shotzi

The Grayson Waller Effect with Logan Paul

After the commercial break, Grayson Waller is introduced as he emerges to host a special pre-Money In The Bank edition of “The Grayson Waller Effect.” His featured guest for the segment is none other than social media sensation Logan Paul.

Amid a mixed reaction from the audience, Logan Paul makes his entrance, receiving a combination of boos and cheers. The two engage in a brief conversation before being interrupted by the entrance theme of LA Knight. The crowd erupts with excitement for Knight, expressing their enthusiasm with loud cheers.

True to his character, Knight takes the opportunity to address the crowd, captivating them with his words. Similar to what was seen on Monday Night Raw, this segment transforms into a lively promotion for the Men’s Ladder Match at Money In The Bank. Chaos ensues as Santos Escobar, Butch, and others engage in a heated brawl, further intensifying the anticipation for the upcoming event.

LA Knight vs. Santos Escobar vs. Butch – Butch wins as Santos Escobar takes a daring leap, diving out to the floor and crashing onto Logan Paul, while LA Knight cunningly evades the impact. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Santos finds himself taken by surprise as Butch seizes the opportunity and delivers an unexpected assault. With a swift follow-up, Butch secures the surprising victory, leaving the crowd in awe.

As Logan Paul begins his ascent up the ladder, anticipation fills the air. However, Butch intervenes, delivering a powerful blow that sends Paul crashing down. Seizing the opportunity, Butch seizes the ladder and begins his own ascent, determined to claim the coveted Money In The Bank briefcase. The crowd erupts in a frenzy of excitement as Butch successfully pulls down the briefcase, solidifying his triumph and igniting a wave of exhilaration throughout the arena.

WWE Women’s World Championship Asuka (C) vs. Charlotte Flair – Asuka wins via DQ when, after a few minutes of intense back-and-forth action, the match takes an intriguing turn when Bianca Belair interjects herself into the fray. Asuka connects with a strike on Belair, triggering a reaction from the record-breaking women’s champion of the modern WWE era. Unfazed, Belair retaliates and fights back against Asuka. Observing the unexpected interference, the referee intervenes and decides to call off the match, ruling it a disqualification. As a result, Asuka is declared the winner, albeit via disqualification, marking an unexpected conclusion to the encounter.

The members of The Bloodline assemble in the ring, and “The Head of the Table” seizes the moment by grabbing a microphone. He addresses the crowd in London, demanding their acknowledgment. The audience responds with the anticipated uproar.

Reigns asserts his dominance as “The Tribal Chief” and proclaims himself as the best. However, his speech is abruptly interrupted by the familiar entrance theme of The Usos. The brothers make their way to the ring, confronting their former allies within The Bloodline, setting the stage for their imminent clash in the Bloodline Civil War at MITB.

The Usos remind Roman Reigns that he has not suffered a pinfall defeat in three years. They boldly declare that the next time he will be pinned is at WWE Money In The Bank, which would mark the end of his reign as the Tribal Chief.

Throughout the O2 Arena, sporadic chants of “Solo!” emerge from the crowd. As Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso come face to face, Jey Uso seizes the opportunity and slides into the ring, delivering a powerful superkick to Reigns. The unexpected attack leaves a lasting impact on the tense confrontation.

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