Ryback has dealt with a stalker situation for years that hasn’t gone away at all. It appears that he’s not done talking about it, either. The former WWE IC Champion has a lot more to say on the topic, and his stalker, Chase, recently called into a live stream to go ballistic.

Ryback’s stalker, Chase, recently called into a live stream where he was relentless on Ryback. He threatened to take Dolph Ziggler’s life, and then he turned his aggression toward Curtis Axel.

As Chase hurled threats at Ryback, the former IC Champion revealed that he will not leave his house until his stalker is arrested. In fact, Ryback has a cop waiting on Chase.

Chase, I’m not going anywhere until you’re arrested. I’ve got a cop here, and I’m waiting.


In case you need a refresher, this is not new issue. Ryback disclosed that he has been grappling with this issue for more than decade. Taking to Twitter, he elaborated that this particular fan had attempted to gain unauthorized access to a backstage area during a WWE event in Tampa several years ago.

Yep. Considering it’s a guy who has made multiple death threats since 2011 and snuck backstage in Tampa to one of our tv’s and had to be taken away by security. He is back and has multiple accounts on Twitter and is legitimately mentally sick. He has all the warning signs of someone that shouldn’t be trusted, so let’s see what happens here. @elonmusk @TwitterSupport @lindayacc you have denied multiple reports on this guy already from me and this needs to be taken seriously.

We can only hope that Ryback’s stalker situation goes away. This subject has certainly generated a ton of attention already. Chase might not be over, either, because he seems very determined to make Ryback’s life miserable.

We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News. There could be a lot to unpack in this situation as more information is made known.

What’s your take on Ryback’s stalker situation? Sound off in the comments!

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