Ryback is dealing with a terrible situation with a stalker who won’t leave him alone. This stalker named Chase has threatened Ryback’s mother, dogs, and his own life. Now, Ryback is calling on Twitter to help release all of Chase’s information, so they can end this nightmare.

Ryback logged onto Twitter, where he revealed that police are on constant patrol in his neighborhood until Chase is caught. This is a scary situation, and the FBI are involved as well.

I want to thank everyone for the support. The police department is taking this very serious and expedited this to the FBI to get a search warrant to have

@Twitter release all information on “Chase”. I am being given 24/7 police patrolling the neighborhood and on site until Chase is caught and we have more than enough to charge and arrest and prosecute at this point I have been assured. I am cancelling my weekend appearance at Icons of Wrestling as of now, as my family’s safety is my top concern. I am very sorry for this and really want to be there, but until he is caught and arrested I cannot chance leaving my family alone, even for a moment. If “Chase” attempts to show up and make it anywhere on the property past the cops I have been reassured I have every right to use deadly force with zero hesitation and I will. Thank you to the @NLVPD for actually helping and I truly hope @elonmusk @lindayacc @TwitterSupport can learn from this and help eliminate mentally deranged people from attempting to ruin our lives. Chase, you will be found and you are forever done. You crossed a line no man should ever have to deal with, but that’s your choice and now you must deal with it.


Ryback previously revealed on Twitter, after receiving an email from the platform’s standards team to let him know that his stalker has made no violation of their policy, to vent a bit.

Ryback openly criticized Elon Musk and Twitter for permitting threatening behavior directed at him. He highlighted the seriousness of the situation by disclosing that he has already reported the matter to the FBI. Ryback’s strong reaction stems from a genuine concern and a valid reason for being deeply upset.

This is why I went ahead and contacted the FBI. This is disgusting @elonmusk @lindayacc @TwitterSupport that you’re willingly allowing behavior like this to one be allowed and two not doing anything about. What kind of world are we living in where you willingly ignore this from someone who has a 12 year history of crazy behavior towards me? 7 years of wrongfully restricting and suppressing my account and now letting death threats slide along with making account after account to harass. Everyone please like and share this, it’s a very serious situation and this is unacceptable.

A few days after Ryback sent that tweet, Chase the stalker called into Ryback’s live stream, and he had a lot to say. Ryback wasn’t backing down as the two stood toe-to-toe with his stalker. He even challenged Chase to an MMA fight.

Ryback’s stalker also threatened his mother and dogs’ lives. This was not a situation that he takes lightly at all. Chase said that “this is not a joke to me,” and then he made references to a mutual friend he might have with Ryback, but he didn’t drop a name.

This rant continued as Ryback tried to get two words in sideways, but Chase continued to carry on with his angry call. Ryback tried to wrap things up as well, but Chase wasn’t having it at all.

“F*ck you, f*ck you, go to the Las Vegas Police or whoever you go to, because I swear to god, I will see you when I see you,” Chase continued. The whole time, Ryback just let his stalker talk.

This situation is a pretty messy one, and nobody knows how it will end. Hopefully, Ryback remains safe, and Chase is caught, because he’s done plenty at this point to warrant an arrest.

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