WWE has a number of promising talent in developmental, and you never know who will click and become a huge Superstar on the main roster. All of those talented people go through different experiences, and it only makes them stronger as they continue that journey. Of course, plans can also always change for someone’s creative direction, which can shift things in a huge way.

Anya Zova signed a developmental contract with WWE in August 2012, but she was released from her deal the following year. During her brief tenure with the company, the Soviet Union-born actress and comedian expressed her negative views on WWE’s training system, which she described as “toxic.”

Interestingly enough, Anya Zova has revealed that she was close to becoming a member of The Wyatt Family, indicating a potential direction her career could have taken within WWE.

“I mean, I was obviously always like a heel. A badass. A few wrestlers pitched me to work with them to be a valet. Brodus Clay [now Tyrus in the NWA] loved me. He wanted me to be one. But I’m like, ‘You already have two girls, you don’t need another girl.’ … We still tried it at a few local shows in Florida, which I appreciate. So he tried to help me because that’s how it happens, one big wrestler wants to bring you up and sees potential in you.” 


“And once I got released, I was talking to somebody from The Wyatt Family. So apparently, what they had in mind is they wanted me to do The Wyatt Family and make me white trash, which would be fun. I would love that. When I heard it — I’m trying to remember, was it Wyatt? I think it was Wyatt who told me that, he’s like, ‘Yeah. We wanted you to be part of it.’ That was their goal. I’m like, ‘Well, that would be fun.’ But it probably wasn’t meant to be.”

A lot of stories can come out after a Superstar is released. It seems that Anya Zova had her own version of events, as many do. Hopefully, she will land on her feet elsewhere.

We will have to see if AEW scoops up Anya Zova, as they have with other former NXT Superstars. If anything, she might get a shot with the company on one of their non-televised matches.

What’s your take on this NXT release? Did you think it was warranted? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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