WWE referee have to make towns with other WWE talent, and they also work hard in the ring to help tell stories with the Superstars in each match. That being said, they are the unsung heroes in a lot of instances, and all that hard work pays off within the company.

On the latest Monday Mailbag, Mike Chioda, who is a senior official in the company, was questioned about the advantages he held in his position. A fan asked whether Chioda had the authority to terminate other officials or not.

“No, I never did have that power, nor did I want that power,” Chioda said. “Maybe now, if I was training and doing certain things or whatever, and coaching. But Mike Chioda just had to go out and do his job, and f*cking get it done and do it right.”

“Yeah, I gave guys advice and gave this here and there and whatever. Whether ‘You were partying too hard,’ or ‘You’re not doing this right.’ I helped out with advice and stuff like that. If they took it with a grain of salt, they took it with a grain of salt.”


In response to further inquiries regarding his position, Mike Chioda confirmed that being a senior WWE official did come with certain advantages. However, he acknowledged that these advantages were not as significant as one might anticipate. Nonetheless, Chioda mentioned that as a senior official, he received better compensation and had the opportunity to officiate main event matches.

 “Better pay, main event matches. Maybe a respectful name? I don’t know.”

WWE has a good crop of referees right now, and only time will tell how their names will be remembered in history. It seems that over time, a few of them are getting a bit of an advantage.

What’s your take on WWE’s referees? Are they better than AEW? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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