New profile photos of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn have recently been added to the leadership page on the WWE corporate website.

The updated images have sparked intrigue among fans, who have long been curious about various mysteries in the wrestling world. While some mysteries remain unsolved, such as the identity of the person who threw a rubber chicken at Cody Rhodes or the contents of Vince McMahon’s lockbox, one mystery has now been resolved: What does Kevin Dunn look like nowadays?

Dunn, who has been a prominent figure in WWE for over two decades, was the only individual on the WWE leadership page without a profile photo until recently. With the addition of his picture, fans can now put a face to the name and gain a glimpse of Dunn’s current appearance.

As for Vince McMahon, the WWE Founder and Executive Chairman, his updated profile photo showcases a new addition: a mustache. McMahon has always been known for his distinct look, and the addition of the mustache has sparked curiosity among fans, leading to speculation about the reason behind this new style choice.


The WWE leadership page provides fans with a glimpse into the key figures guiding the company’s operations. With the inclusion of updated profile photos, it not only adds a visual element but also creates buzz and excitement among fans.

Steve Carrier

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