Hulk Hogan is known to amp up pro wrestling fans all over, and his entrance music had a lot to do with that. Before his Real American music became his staple, The Hulkster came out to another song, but it was a big risk.

Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” was a hot song during its day. Thanks to the Rocky movie, a franchise that Hulk Hogan was attached to, that song got a lot of airplay. It also got some plays at WWE events.

Hulk Hogan recently spoke to the Full Send podcast, and he opened up about today’s pro wrestling landscape. He also revealed that playing “Eye Of The Tiger” as his WWE entrance music could have cost him his job.

“When I went back in 84, they weren’t selling any merchandise, and I was playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ all the way to the ring in Minnesota and the place was electric. When I went to the Garden and I said, “hey man, can I play some entrance music?” Bad mistake. Vince Senior said no. So I ran to the sound guy gave him $500 bucks and said crank this sh*t when I come out. I figured If I got fired, I got fired. No big deal. So you know, he cranked that music, that “Eye of the Tiger” and the roof blew off The Garden and guess what? Everybody wanted entrance music after that.”


When asked why Vince Senior would say no to that, Hulk Hogan replied, “Because they never done anything like that. It was all old school.”

Even today, stories about difficulty working with The Hulkster is coming to light. Hulk Hogan also recently took shot at some modern wrestlers, as he said they should be bagging groceries.

Hulk Hogan might be controversial, but he is still one of the biggest names in the pro wrestling business for a reason. We will have to see if he finally gets that retirement match, because he’s also been ramping up his training routine.

What’s your take on Hulk Hogan’s entrance music? Sound off in the comments!

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