WWE continues to make strides in its women’s division, this time with the introduction of a new championship title.

During the latest episode of WWE RAW, Rhea Ripley was presented with the brand new WWE Women’s World Championship. This follows the recent unveiling of a new title for Asuka on SmackDown, signaling a renewed focus on elevating the women’s division.

During the segment, Adam Pearce handed over the old SmackDown Women’s Championship to Ripley and presented her with the newly designed title. The WWE Women’s World Championship features a similar design to the men’s championship currently held by Seth Rollins, with the primary difference being the strap color. While Rollins’ title features a black strap, the women’s title showcases a white leather strap. This design choice aligns with the recent trend of using white straps for the women’s titles in WWE.

The new WWE Women’s World Championship prominently features the iconic WWE logo in the center, while Ripley has her own unique title plates on the sides to signify her reign as the champion. Fans who were impressed by the new design can already pre-order the championship on WWEShop.com, demonstrating WWE’s commitment to providing fans with the opportunity to show their support for their favorite superstars.


Unlike Asuka’s title presentation, which led to the emergence of a new challenger, Ripley’s segment on RAW did not immediately set up a specific match or rival. Instead, it served as a precursor to a match between Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio at the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event. This leaves Ripley currently without a clear number one contender for the new title, as no female superstars have stepped up to stake their claim.

It will be interesting to see who will rise to the challenge and vie for a shot at the WWE Women’s World Championship.

What are your thoughts on WWE introducing the new WWE Women’s World Championship? Do you like the design of the title? Leave us a comment.

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