WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed the current status of Seth Rollins within WWE during a recent ‘Foley is Pod‘ podcast episode. Foley praised Rollins as a phenomenal worker and acknowledged that he had previously taken him for granted. He mentioned that last year, Rollins wasn’t even in his top five, but he has since seen a remarkable evolution in Rollins’ character.

Foley highlighted Rollins’ dedication to his character and how he has embraced it wholeheartedly. Despite initial skepticism from some wrestling fans, Foley recognized Rollins’ commitment and the potential he saw in the character. He compared Rollins’ enthusiasm and willingness to sink his teeth into the role to that of Edge during the peak of his character’s prowess.

According to Foley, Rollins has fully embraced his character and is reminiscent of Edge’s ability to take on any challenge with gusto, regardless of how silly it may seem. Foley acknowledged that in the beginning, the new Seth Rollins character may have seemed a little silly, but he commended Rollins for believing in it and continuing to develop it.

Foley expressed his admiration for Rollins’ growth and stated that he sees Rollins as the perfect marriage of in-ring talent and character. He noted that while he doesn’t watch wrestling as much as he used to, he still recognizes the significant impact Rollins has made in both areas.


“We’d really come to take him for granted—a phenomenal worker. Last year, I don’t even know if Seth was in my top five, but this attention to character, which has been a slow build, because I remember there were people thinking it was the most embarrassing thing in wrestling, and I was like, ‘He’s on to something, and he’s trying. He’s sinking his teeth into it.’ It was so much fun to see him evolve and take to it where he reminds me of Edge at the peak of Edge’s character prowess, where he just bit into everything, he did it with gusto,” said Foley. “It didn’t matter how silly it was. He was going to make the very most out of it. In the beginning, the new Seth Rollins seemed a little silly, and he kept going with it, believing it. I don’t watch wrestling nearly as much as I used to, but I watch it enough to know that this guy is at a point where it’s the perfect marriage of in-ring talent and character.”

The endorsement from a respected figure like Foley highlights the strides Rollins has made and solidifies his position as a top talent within WWE.

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