Stephen Amell has confirmed that he has worked on a project for WWE that will coincide with the release of the second season of his show Heels.

During a Whatnot live signing event, Amell discussed his connections to both WWE and AEW. He mentioned that while he has a connection with Cody Rhodes, who has returned to WWE, his involvement with AEW would have been more straightforward if Cody were still with the promotion. However, he now has a connection with CM Punk, who is part of AEW.

Amell revealed that he has been involved in an upcoming WWE project, and they are considering various avenues for promoting the second season of his show Heels on STARZ. With the project’s release aligning with the premiere of Heels’ second season, Amell mentioned the possibility of working with AEW due to his connection with CM Punk. However, he also acknowledged his involvement with WWE, creating a dilemma of choice between the two promotions.

“We have talked about various avenues for promoting the second season of the show (Heels on STARZ) and obviously, we’re a little less than two months away from it coming out so we still have a little bit of time but, we’re kicking around some ideas.”


“I mean obviously, if Cody was still with AEW, it’d be pretty cut and dry that we’d do something with AEW. Now I’ve got Phil, CM Punk, who’s on the show with AEW, we got Cody back in WWE.”

“So, I have a connection with Phil, I have a connection with Cody. I haven’t done anything with AEW. I’ve done stuff with WWE.”

“AEW feels like it might be a little bit more of a natural path right now but I also am involved in a project for the WWE that comes out right around the same time as the second season of Heels comes out so it’s like, I don’t know. These are champagne problems.”

The second season of Heels is scheduled to premiere in late July, and wrestling fans can look forward to seeing how Amell’s involvement in WWE’s project unfolds alongside the release of his show.

How do you think Stephen Amell’s involvement with both WWE and AEW will impact his career and the promotional efforts for the second season of his show Heels? Leave a comment below.

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