Will Ospreay has commented on how his track record of five-star matches can benefit him during contract negotiations with wrestling promotions.

While he acknowledges that star ratings are subjective and do not directly translate into financial gain, he believes that his body of work holds value when it comes to attracting the interest of promoters.

In a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Ospreay explained that while star ratings do not directly impact his earnings, they become relevant when his contract expires and he becomes a free agent. Being regarded as one of the most highly regarded wrestlers on the market makes him an attractive prospect for promoters.

“Ospreay stated, “”They don’t matter in terms of my financial gain. I’m not going to make any money on it. However, when contracts come up and I become a free agent, who is not going to want the kid that works hard and puts on these phenomenal matches that everyone talks about? That’s where we can always argue. If I come up against someone else who doesn’t have one (five-star match), in the current format, for me, if I’m on the market, who is not going to want someone that works hard and puts on banger matches?”


While Ospreay recognizes the limited lifespan of his wrestling career, he also expressed a lack of desire to live in the United States during the interview.

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Steve Carrier

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