WWE has recently announced its latest class of recruits for the Performance Center in the spring of 2023.

In a video released on WWE’s official YouTube channel, the company introduced nine promising individuals who will begin their training at the Performance Center. Here are the names of the recruits:

Ezekiel Balogun: Former basketball player from the University of North Florida.

Melanie Brezezinski: Multitalented individual with a background in singing, bodybuilding, acting, and a black belt in karate.

Alexis Gray: Sprinter from Texas Southern University.

Andrez Hughes-Murray: Accomplished wrestler and former linebacker from Oregon State University.

Vlad Pavlenko: Finalist in the hammer throw event at the 2021 US Olympic trials.

Tylynn Register: Track and field athlete from Jacksonville State University.

Kevin Robertson: Defensive Lineman from Temple University.

Hunter Smallback: Defensive End from Stetson University.

Coy Wanner: Tight End from the University of Wisconsin.

These recruits come from diverse athletic backgrounds, including basketball, sprinting, wrestling, and track and field. WWE’s decision to bring them into the Performance Center demonstrates the company’s commitment to discovering and developing talented individuals from various sports disciplines.

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Steve Carrier

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