Tay Melo has reassured fans about her in-ring future after the recent announcement that she and her husband, Sammy Guevara, are expecting a baby. Responding to concerns that her career might come to an end, Tay took to her Instagram story to clarify the situation and express her determination to return to the ring.

Tay was quick to dismiss the notion that her wrestling career would be over because of her impending motherhood. She expressed confusion as to why people assumed her career would come to a halt, emphasizing that her time away from the ring would be comparable to that of someone recovering from an injury or undergoing surgery.

“Definitely not, I don’t understand why everybody thinks my career’s gonna be over because I’m gonna have a kid. I’m gonna be out the same amount as someone that has like an ACL injury or a surgery. I don’t understand. But, well, it’s not over, I’m coming back as soon as I can.”

Backing her up, Sammy Guevara added his perspective, revealing that he has to convince Tay to take it easy during this period and not engage in any physically demanding activities. He affirmed that Tay is not someone who can stay idle and highlighted her drive and determination.


“And if there’s something about Tay that y’all should know, it’s that she cannot do nothing. I’m having to fight with her just to be like, ‘You can’t do anything’.”

When asked about how she feels about putting her career on hold, Tay expressed no regrets or doubts. She shared that being a mother has always been a dream of hers, and she believes the timing is perfect. Furthermore, she expressed confidence that becoming a mother will motivate her even more to come back better and stronger than ever before. Tay went on to paint a picture of her future comeback, envisioning the incredible experience of having her little one cheering for her in the crowd while she holds a championship belt.

“I don’t feel bad at all. Being a mom was always a dream of mine and I think it’s the perfect timing. And I feel like it’s gonna motivate me so much more to come back better and stronger. Imagine, just imagine with me, having a little one cheering for you in the crowd and you holding a belt?”

As she eagerly awaits the arrival of her baby, Tay is already setting her sights on the future and a triumphant return to the AEW ring.

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